Data discovery made easy

Beyond a data catalog, Select Star is an intelligent data discovery platform that helps you understand your data.

Our Customers

"Select Star makes Discoverability, Collaboration, Lineage, Usability of data and process extremely simple, efficient and timely leading to data trustworthiness and increase in data consumption across different consumers and thereby promoting growth."

- Vishal Shah, Sr. Principal Architect, Big Data & Analytics at Pitney Bowes

Organize & govern your data

Easily find, tag, and add documentation to your data so everyone can find the right dataset for their use case.

Understand the impact of the column changes

Select Star automatically detects and displays your column-level data lineage. You can now trust the data, knowing where it came from.

Capture the tribal knowledge in data

Select Star automatically surfaces how the data is being used inside your company today - so you can quickly find out which field to use without having to ask someone.

Maintain data security & governance

Select Star treats your data with AICPA SOC 2 Security, Confidentiality, and Availability standards, making sure your data is always safe and sound.

One-click Integrations

What our customers say...

"Select Star provides everything we need for a data catalog, and it’s crystal clear & easy to use for our users."

- Irina Ashurova, Sr. Director of Data Development, Pitney Bowes

"We can finally set up our data mart and build our data governance strategy, because of Select Star."

- Zdeněk Hejnak, Sr. BI Engineer at Livesport

"Select Star enabled us to refactor and update LookML without fear of breaking business critical dashboards."

- Christine Liu, Data Engineer at Anvyl

"With Select Star, we define our single source of truth for data, and have everyone to use it as the main go-to reference for data questions."

- Derek Racine, Data Science Manager at Opendoor

Unlock the full context of your data

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