Data discovery made easy

Beyond a data catalog, Select Star is an intelligent data discovery platform that helps you understand your data.

Organize & govern your data

Easily find, tag, and add documentation to your data so everyone can find the right dataset for their use case.

Understand the impact of the column changes

Select Star automatically detects and displays your column-level data lineage. You can now trust the data, knowing where it came from.

Capture the tribal knowledge in data

Select Star automatically surfaces how the data is being used inside your company today - so you can quickly find out which field to use without having to ask someone.

Maintain data security & governance

Select Star treats your data with AICPA SOC 2 Security, Confidentiality, and Availability standards, making sure your data is always safe and sound.

One-click Integrations

"Select Star has expanded our team's visibility over our data pipeline to include the last mile between the data warehouse and our stakeholders. It enabled us to refactor and update our code and fields in Looker without fear of breaking business critical looks and dashboards."

- Christine Liu, Data Engineer at Anvyl

"Select Star gives me the visibility in my data that I wish we had at Uber. Everything is all in one spot: Tables, columns, queries against those tables and columns, and column lineage. Select Star makes operating a data warehouse a breeze knowing what tables and columns a change will impact."

- James Greenhill, Former Data Engineering Lead at Uber / Jump

Unlock the full context of your data

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